Separation Anxiety

By Jed Grant

As of today I’m separating my informative photography and photo editing articles from my portfolio/business blog. If you’re interested in photography or editing I suggest going to that blog. That blog covers topics ranging from how to properly expose a picture with camera settings to the post production work of adding a little style and retouching. It contains video tutorials and examples of before and after imagery. In the future I intend to expand it so that it will include tutorials on digital painting or matte painting. Which is where you take a photograph and paint in a mountain or two, waterfalls, a city and other such things.

For a while I wasn’t sure if I should, however, for people who actually want to hire me, all the articles about that kind of stuff only serve to confuse, so I’m taking my wife’s advice and separating them. Oh, and here’s an image I shot Wednesday. Hope you like it 🙂 I’m currently based in Sandy Utah and loving my personal pursuits as a photographer.

My Family in Mill Creek Canyon Utah

Multi Family Portrait Shoot in Mill Creek Utah

By Jed Grant

A couple of days ago I went on a shoot where I took pictures of a couple different families at the same time. It actually worked out well. The families kids played with one another and they didn’t get burned out taking pictures for an hour straight. Right now the fall colors are beautiful. It actually rained really hard for a while. The interesting part was that we were getting most of the light from a cloud to the east at sunset that was reflecting the sun.

Mother Daughter Photos Utah Photography Mill Creek Canyon

Williams Family Utah Photography Mill Creek Canyon

Family Photos Utah Photography Mill Creek Canyon

Family Photos Utah Photography Mill Creek Canyon Utah

Child Photos Utah Photography Mill Creek Canyon Utah

Family Photos Utah Photography Mill Creek Canyon Utah

My wife doesn’t really like this next image, but I did, it just felt natural and a bit more organic.

Photos of Mom - Utah Photography Mill Creek Canyon

Thanks For Visiting

By Jed Grant

My daughter wanted to thank all of you (4 yesterday =/) for visiting my blog so we took this picture. She took some pictures, but if you want to see those you’ll have to go dig around my Flickr photostream and try to find them. Just wanted to share this image and let those of you who do come by know that I am working on a few things, some of those are tutorial videos for Photoshop and Lightroom that cover the basics for anyone new to photo editing.

Picture of Little Girl Blowing a Kiss

I also have a multi-family shoot this week that I will try to post soon. Hopefully everyone’s going to leave with stellar images and recommendations on their lips! 🙂

Photo Editing Software: ACR + Photoshop vs. Lightroom

By Jed Grant

For any articles referring to how I do photography and editing please refer to that blog. This article in its original form can be found on the photo editing blog.

Family, Senior, and Friends Pictures in Utah at Murray Park

By Jed Grant

button-family-thumbnailThis last Saturday I took some pictures of a family at a local park. Personally I really enjoyed the images I was able to get! However, I feel a little bad for the family because while I was fiddling with camera and flash setting they were sitting there being bored out of their minds. However I do appreciate the opportunity. They had a very fun personality as a group. Initially I had intended to try a lot more natural lighting, however, after a handful of shots I realized I was getting a lot better pictures with my flash in a shoot through umbrella. I had it sitting on a stand and would just carry it around with me. It worked out pretty well and I found that with the umbrella on a stand I was able to position it pretty well while holding it and still take pictures.

I have to admit, I saw all these other photographers walking around with the flash in a camera bracket or just shooting natural light and I had a absolutely terrible moment where I just wanted to says “my pictures are going to look better than your pictures!” 🙂 Now I know some people tout natural light as the way to go, but those are the people who can’t hold a 7ft extended light stand in one hand at an angle while taking pictures with the other hand. Now that might not be strictly true, but I sure had a ton of fun being my own little strobist.

Here’s a few of the images I liked, I hope you enjoy them!






10 Great Photographers Who Edit Their Photography

By Jed Grant

This page has moved to a new location as I am separating my business blog and my editing blog. Here is the Original Post.

Photo Editing Flickr Groups: Building a Community

By Jed Grant

This article has been moved to my editing blog. Click hear to go there now.

Photography is about Fantasy

By Jed Grant

This has moved, you can now find this article on my editing blog.

Utah Infant Baby Blessing Family Get Together

By Jed Grant

Pile of shoes at our front door from all the guests in our little homeThis last weekend part of our family came into town for the blessing of our newest son. I really didn’t plan on taking any photos, other than just snapshots for the purpose of some memories. I wasn’t even going to pull out the light stand or flashes. Turns out I couldn’t help myself. The flash and stand come out and all of the sudden the picture quality got a whole lot better.

I edited all of them primarily in Lightroom with some minor editing done in Photoshop. I used to be a big fan of Photoshop and couldn’t really understand why anyone would buy Lightroom, but now I can’t understand how I could possibly live without it. The difference is staggering in terms of the time spent and the ease of use. If you want to know how the photo editing (post processing) was done for any of the images post a comment or use the contact link at the top of the page.
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First Family Portrait Shoot

By Jed Grant

Asay Family Portrait on Train Tracks ThumbnailIn my efforts to build up my portfolio I’ve been taking pictures of anyone who will let me. These pictures are of Emily, Michael and their kids. I’ve know Emily from high school and I made a day trip up to northern Wyoming the other day and offered to shoot some photos of anyone who was interested. These are some of the photos I was able to get out of it. These were once again edited with Lightroom because I wanted to get it done quickly. I think Emily’s husband was less than enthused when he was drug into the room for pictures. I can’t say I like my picture taken either! He was a good sport about it though!

While we were out at the tracks it started to rain, and I mean RAIN. Lightning, thunder, all kinds of water. It was GREAT! I L-O-V-E the rain. It was a bit challenging to get the kids to pay enough attention to get a decent picture, they were super cute though. They seemed particularly interested in the flash on the light stand. I had my brother hold the light stand (can you say lightning rod, payback for past years :)).
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