Nikon Photography Gear: Basic Necessities

By Jed Grant

PortraitJust so no one is left out here’s the Nikon gear list. If you don’t have a Nikon go look at the Canon or Pentax lists. Regardless of camera, this is mostly about the flash and the light modifier. See the picture to the left. 

Camera: Nikon D5000
Flash (Speedlight): Lumopro LP160
Light Setup: Strobist Kit (Stand, Umbrella, Mount)
Flash Triggers (Off Camera Flash): Wireless Trigger
Background: 40-Inch 5-in-1 Reflector (I recommend the free option of a black sheet)
Post Processing: Photoshop (or Lightroom 3) – There’s also GIMP and if you’re looking for something cheap (free).

This setup is almost exactly the same stuff as I use with my Pentax camera, in fact I would probably recomend Canon or Nikon over Pentax, even though I like my camera, for a couple reasons. The first, Pentax jacked the prices up on their Lenses. You can get a 50mm Canon or Nikon lens for half of what the comparable Pentax lens costs and the Nikon/Canon cameras have better overall features anyway.

Total cost if you go the cheap route and just get the basics? ~$950

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