Buy Photoshop Lightroom before a Camera Lens

By Jed Grant

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  1. By helena August 28, 2010

    Have you looked into Photoshop Elements? It’s so much cheaper. Or is it too basic?

  2. By Jed Grant August 30, 2010

    Helena, I have looked at Elements, and it is a little too basic. In the next week I’ll be trying to put up a intro to Lightroom video. It has a TON of power and it’s presented much more simply than Elements or the regular Photoshop. I am guessing that you could get some pretty good edits with Elements, however, something that would take 20 minutes in Elements would take 2-3 in Lightoom. I edited 200 photos tonight (on my flickr stream – softball stuff) with Lightroom. No way could I pull that off in Elements. Look for the Lightroom vid this week, you’ll see what I mean.

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