Congratulations. It’s about time right? I still remember High School, who doesn’t? I also remember my senior pictures. You pass them out to friends, they go in the yearbook and you’re pretty much stuck with them forever… so why not make sure they’re perfect? As with all of my pictures, your images will be edited. Blemishes will go away, skin tones will be even and attractive, people will just see you.

Packages Information

First, packages include every image in a Facebook size resolution, editing in a variety of styles including black and white. The package prices also include travel within 40 miles and parking fees for some locations. For locations more than 40 miles away there is $1 per mile fee added on (rounded down to the nearest 5 miles). Packages also include at least one and a half hours of time starting from the schedule start time. You can have as many locations and clothing changes as time permits.

$75 Economy

$75 Session Fee. Includes an hour and a half of time. Pictures are purchased individually.

$150 Basic

$150 for an hour and a half. Includes a $85 *print credit.

$250 The 241 (Two for One)

$250 for an hour and a half, includes a $200 *print credit. The package allows you to do more than one person. Want to split the cost with a friend? You’re still restricted by time, but you can do a lot of creative things with two people. High School Seniors Only.

$350 Premium (or Group Deal)

$350 for two hours, includes a $350 *print credit. Bring as many people as you like (your responsible for transportation if it exceeds 4). Session ends after two hours, but if you know a few other moms you can get pictures fairly inexpensively or you may just want more pictures.

*Packages including print credits allow you to select the items you wish to print of any size including merchandise.

Photo Printing Services

My packages and individual images all use a professional printing service to ensure the highest quality. This will allow you to have your image printed on a variety of materials including lustre, matte, glossy and metallic. I recommend lustre for it’s finger print resistance and lack of glare. You can also have your images printed on a variety of merchandise including shirts, mugs, mousepads and more.


If you can’t afford any of the above packages contact me directly and we can try to work something out that fits your budget. I love taking pictures so I’m open to reasonable opportunities that lets me create beautiful images and continue to allow me to take even more by providing the funds to purchase more equipment.

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