Family, Senior, and Friends Pictures in Utah at Murray Park

By Jed Grant

button-family-thumbnailThis last Saturday I took some pictures of a family at a local park. Personally I really enjoyed the images I was able to get! However, I feel a little bad for the family because while I was fiddling with camera and flash setting they were sitting there being bored out of their minds. However I do appreciate the opportunity. They had a very fun personality as a group. Initially I had intended to try a lot more natural lighting, however, after a handful of shots I realized I was getting a lot better pictures with my flash in a shoot through umbrella. I had it sitting on a stand and would just carry it around with me. It worked out pretty well and I found that with the umbrella on a stand I was able to position it pretty well while holding it and still take pictures.

I have to admit, I saw all these other photographers walking around with the flash in a camera bracket or just shooting natural light and I had a absolutely terrible moment where I just wanted to says “my pictures are going to look better than your pictures!” 🙂 Now I know some people tout natural light as the way to go, but those are the people who can’t hold a 7ft extended light stand in one hand at an angle while taking pictures with the other hand. Now that might not be strictly true, but I sure had a ton of fun being my own little strobist.

Here’s a few of the images I liked, I hope you enjoy them!






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